Window weld motor mounts. I got a tube of 3M Window Weld from Amazon for under $20 and followed these instructions. If you want to make your mounts stiffer the poor man's way, stuff liquid silicone, 3m window weld, or liquid urethane through the holes. Shop performance parts online at JEGS High Performance Parts. Our collection of aftermarket auto parts contains over 1 million parts & 800 automotive brands to choose from. 0 users rated this 4 out of 5 stars 0. 040 block, p&p head, custom forged pistons 8. I'm a big fan of window welded mounts, especially since the tired old stockers sag a bit and then the engine is slightly lower. Last edited: Jan 18, 2019. Lower mounts are $160 SHIPPED within upper 48. very easy mod and cheap! and i was gunna do the rear mount just because, but i couldnt get it un bolted Window Weld Can you tell me a little bit more about Window Weld? I just found out, my rear engine mount need to be replaced. Here are some tips of the prothane motor mount install. My plan was to use stock motor mounts with some window weld in between the grooves. "What keeps people from grinding off the old mount pads and getting a tube of window weld and making their own mounts about about $40. #2 · Jan 27, 2016. its the same stuff they use to put your windshield in and you just put it in a caulking gun and squeeze it in the mount, takes about three days to dry fully though. 0L) into cars already setup for old style (side mount) small block Chevy. #4 · Nov 3, 2014. saturn redesinged the mounts for the 92 model year to cut back on engine noise. Supposedly even the 60A urethane mounts are aggressive. 3M 08609 Window-Weld Super Fast Urethane Black Cartridge. otherwise it will not hold up cause it wont cure in the middle. worked well, firmed things up over stock but no teeth rattling vibes. you dont have to take out the motor mounts. Ive used it on all my mounts and never had a problem with breaking any mounts ever. Got the frame bracket out of the way, oh!!, it also helps to remove the dogbone mount too. 3l to put on an old V8 pan). This is a factory rear motor mount that has been modified with loctite PL s30 liquid polyurethane to add additional stiffness. What you'll need: A tube of 3M's window weld ($10. Bracket racing. Also, since the battery tray needed to come out, i pulled the driver side motor mount and filled it with 3m Window Weld. The stuff is liquid polyurethane and dries to the consistency of a new motor mount, or steering bushing. i did buy a new rear mount and filled it since i knew it would be a b*tch to get at. See more ideas about mounting, motor, solid. With this method I still have the OEM rubber mounts and it will have the support of poly on the outside. #43 · Jun 23, 2011. I need to inject at least one of my motor mounts, but I do not have time to wait for 3m window weld to dry. 2017 Mazda3 Sedan Sport 2. and then window weld polyurethane on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix with the 3100 V6. It depends on the motor though. Add to Cart. Or you could go old school and fill the voids with 3M Window-Weld. if you really want to know ill go look. I even have brand new oem rubber mounts on both upper mounts to see if that I always noticed way more vibration in the interior with the driver's side motor mount converted to poly. I have a YaYa urethane motor mount in the front on my Tib. WEVO semi solid 3. 99 at Wal-Mart) Perrin Engine Mounts, Sideways Fab Trans mounts: PresiO. 0L 6MT. the second motor mount is cracked. It's easy to find and relatively easy to work with. 3 fluid ounce can. You have probably also heard about how hard those products are and that they are not daily driver friendly and some people even remove them because they say the vibration and noise just isn’t worth it. I think this may be due to the engine moving forward/backwards due to gravity and compressing whatever urethane I poured in. 00 Pair. I've done the 3M Window Weld polyurethane treatment to the "dogbone" mounts and lower engine mount on a 2001 Grand Prix SE with success. Can I get a concensous on Motor mounts and transmission mounts. KA24E-T 06/06 to 10/09 (T25 then H1C Holset) - sold KA24DE-T 12/09 to 10/11 (T4/TO4E) - sold hey all, i want to do the motor mount filling job with 3M Window weld but i cant find any places in my city to buy it. I had contemplated filling the new mounts with window weld, but decided to wait and see how they felt compared to stock given the fact that new mounts are stiffer than the originals. Even the smallest hole in your sealing jobs will allow the if u use 3m window weld in the stock mounts it will : A: fit better than innovative B:vibrate less than innovative C:save you a shit ton of money I should know I've owned 2 rsx's 1 with IMM the other with DIY 3m windows weld mounts the window weld mounts were better The gap in the motor mounts was designed so that the vibrations would be transferred to the mounts with flexing allowed to prevent the chassis to have any amount of vibration. During the past three decades, Chassis Engineering was active in all kinds of drag races from Top Sportsman and Pro Mod to Import racing and E. the mounts bolt to a bracket which bolt to the transmission. WINDO-WELD RIBBON. Perfect! But when I went to look for it online, it … DIY: Urethane Motor Mounts This DIY is how to use the liquid urethane called Flexane 94A. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 17 of 17 Posts Joined May 24, 2009. I get very aggrivated when some folks I've run across and read posts from on this site assume the worst about anyone Vibration - DEA/ Anchor motor mts vs. it cured in 24 hours and turned out really nice. click the link in my sig and youll see a pic of it. i hope this helps. It has been up to Lake Superior and down to Kentucky. 9780115289088 0115289089 Motor Vehicles Registrations, Feb 1983, Great Britain 9780318214931 0318214938 Nde Characteristics of Pipe Weld Defects/119 9780747520979 0747520976 Journey to Mount Shen, Takeshi Maekawa, Jonathan Clements Filled mine with Window Weld back in early 2013; I replaced it with the e-Focus mount shortly there after when I found out it was interchangeable. 4L L4 Automatic. twistedtuning. 70 is the softest poly I have ever run. T. ·. I used all of the original mounts, not new ones. Dashboard rattles, but motor doesn't flop on shifts. I let it cure for 24hrs and this thing is solid. com Ride Revshift 80A Motor Mount Review, 80A transmission mount review Yes plz! They are 350 plus shipping for a pair from Revshift direct. Not a power increaser, but help put the ponies on the pavement. I chose 3M window weld per a friend's recommendation. NOTE the reason for JB weld or whatever adhesive you use isnt for fore/aft play its to keep secure in the dogbone See more Engine Motor Mount Kit for Chevy Engines Big S Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest 91018040 Engine Swap Weld-In Motor Mounts Fit Chevy Small Big Block SBC BBC V8. It'll be abit more stiff, but you know for sure it wont break on you. 5 yr in one car). I know people have to make them using Poly (3M window weld) because its discontinued (and the Vigor has Vigor specific engine mounts). The weight is a little less, around 50# or so, which means around 25# per side on each mount. Jan 19, 2019 #34 kevinatfms Ex-Ford/Kia/Hyundai Tech. Modular 4. The majority of the miles on this car are highway. 3L Front Engine Motor Mount 2PCS. 0 out of 5 stars 1 product rating. i have been debating on a few ideas for bushings and how to stiffen them up for cheap. Perfect! But when I went to look for it online, it … Find a shop to weld the motor mounts solid for you. 99; Chevy V-8 Engine Motor Mount, Polyurethane, Pair. 5. All the rubber was there and nothing was separating. 3m window weld is the brand bame, Google should find you a tube or two, and that should be plenty to fill in the mounts. I get some engine vibration at idle, not too bad, goes away when the revs go up. So I'll ask. Motor Mount Kit Mounts LS Chevy Engines In Cars Setup For Small Block. Posted September 24, 2010. 3M is an innovator in the development of windshield replacement products and methods. The total was something like $128 shipped. i used 3M window weld and it worked out perfectly with all 3 mounts using just one tube. 0 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 0. Window Weld Motor Mount Question. I do know that Vit recommends that method. They're going to be stiff but they shouldn't be overly The mounts being used are for a 2006 Spectra5. Stock motor mounts filled with 3M Window Weld (Have a set of stock DIY filled with 89A that will go in eventually) BSH Dual Boost tap (feeds boost data to Stack Boost gauge and AEM WMI controller) RPM Stage 3 Tune. OEM What about trannsmission mount? I h Just did a search, and the best thing for the money seems to be the 3M wino-urethane stuff. One 3M Window Weld 08609 and cartridge applicator gun. Share. 70duro is about the softest poly you'd want to to use for a motor mount. Apr 9, 2013 #5 The motor and trans mount are aluminum. The tube was ~$13 IIRC, and I thought even if it doesn't make a noticable difference, it's worth a shot. But some of the guys who did that found that the material the used had melted. I’m not doing any off roading in her anytime soon and I want my lady to feel comfortable in the MJ with me. The mount did not budge from the On his page he said "I decided to try a trick that pretty much every Nissan guy out there has tired: Do it your self poly urethane motor mounts. net. For Front Front Engine Motor Mount 99-03 Ford F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty 7. These plates are specific to each car. I purchased it for 29 dollars at my local auto zone. General more. Powdercoating Pricing: Single … Motor Mounts; Share - Engine Mount Rear Anchor 8456. Im not done with my project(s) but heressome pics of my mounts filled with window weld urethane 2010 subaru wrx sti Cobb intake and heat shield Cobb catt & down pipe Spt exhaust Pro tuned Cobb short shifter Isc The vibrations in mellephants's car with the 80A is a bit much for me so I wanted to try the 60A. at 9 minutes), you can use 3M 08609 Window Weld in a caulking gun to fill in the gaps between the rubber isolator and the metal clamshell mount housing to ensure that rubber isolator does not move around on you. I've seen the Fit owners operate on this bushing without dropping the entire beam, unbolted and lowered just enough for room to press out/in (the screw together with giant ratchets kind of press) and also filling the bushings with the old-school 'window weld' method (3M windshield glue or equivalent, ye old motor mount upgrade). Because Use 3M Window Weld it's a liquid you mix together that hardens to the consistency of polyurethane, much stronger than rubber. In preparation for the inevitable replacement, we did the Ricer trick of rejuvenating the broken mount with 3M Window Weld. I have searched the forum for this and did not find it. Description & Ratings. 8 urethane motor mounts. so i bought 3M WINDOW WELD from a parts store. At 40,000 miles, I don't think my engine mounts are doing much for me anymore. You will need cold beer, about one per mount. Then I attempted to inject the mounts, but I must be stupid or something, because i couldn't figure out OK. I am going to … 1,767 Posts. The engine bangs back a little when I accel moderately. I later (2005) had Nemo's filled mounts (all 3) and didn't notice any vibration per se. Being that it looked easy to install, I started working. 99 at Advanced Auto) Caulk gun ($1. #964-2A. Some discussion about this mod here: /window-weld-motor-mounts I also replaced 2 of the lower suspension mounts with spherical bearings to try and cure wheel hop. I used JB weld to secure them in place because i had no window weld available. Clutch fluid was flushed with a … I just called my shop to have them save the old mounts. Will withstand anything you throw at it. 4L – $245. - M3 Motor Mounts - Replacing Engine Mounts on My 287,000-Mile M3 Was Nightmarish. People have been using window weld in mounts for ages with little to no ill effects. I am alm Since the motors are "adapter" style ones and utilize the factor L15 motor mounts you have two options, you can get aftermarket stock Fit mounts or put window weld in to stiffen the stock ones up. 8L, 5. For the top motor mount weld a piece of angle iron onto the upside down U piece that bolts onto your frame then drill the holes for the studs and bole her up ill add some pics for ya and then the other 2 dog bone mounts i just used inchand a half pipe. Step 1: Remove all stock rubber from mount, I used a utility knife to cut away all the rubber. Any deviation it'll increase vibration. Especially after filled with window weld. I dont know who sells inserts for 2. Post Cancel. engines but only one PN for both engines according to RockAuto Surprisingly, the DIY 3M window weld motor mount trick works really well. #2 · Sep 13, 2005. It would be VERY, make that EXTREMELY, unusual to have all mounts fail, and to happen twice in 130K. I’ve heard some horror stories about vibration from some aftermarket motor mounts so I’m thinking of just reinforcing the gaps in the stock motor mounts with urethane window weld but I know that’ll lead to more vibrations too. Calking gun, the stronger the better, this urethane is wrist breakingly thick. Twisted Tuning Lieutenant. Several people have posted on how they filled a motor mount with liquid urethane or Flexane. My car has been grumbling and rumbling on hard acceleration for a good 10,000 miles or more. 9L 7. DIY'ers use it for motor mounts in cars. All center engine mounts are shot to hell on all neons srt4 included , either get a dcr 4th mount. This is actually for my Eagle Talon but the original post here about filling motor mounts gave me the idea. OK. 17,754 Posts. But then I found threads talking about 3M Window Weld, which is 55-60A and supposedly $10. And be sure the engine is centered as best as you can get it. Great for use with Mustang 2 IFS suspension kits. Someone did mention the poly stuff at home depot was less stiff then the 3M window weld (maybe a stiffer poly) I may go with the 3M for more stiffness. also, clean the mount the best u can, i use brake cleaner, and a tooth brush. You should have square mounts so it shouldn't be a problem. I took a regular passenger motor mount and bought 3m window weld and basically connected the rubber bits to the metal frame of the mount. The vibration isn't terrible, but it's always going to be there. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Bob Guptill. Be prepared for steering wheel vibration @ idle, but after idle the vibration completely stops. There is a cheap mod to do for FWD cars where you use 3M Window weld to fill the motor mounts up to reduce torque steer. Ill post my thoughts on it when i install them in the next couple days. Aslong as they aren't torn you can do it. I just installed polyurethane motor mount inserts. The motor mounts are both complete replacements, meaning timing belt and tranny mounts. I used 3M Window Weld My old k-spec mounts broke after about 50,000 miles and I ended up filling the insides completely with polyeurathane. That specific motor mount would need to the replaced more frequently than you would think possible, so before installing the new one I filled it with window weld. The complete inserts are 3 pieces, 2 poly and one metal sleeve. 4 cyl. 00?" making motor mounts with cheap epoxy. Either are $10 from Advanced Autoparts or local glass repair shops. I am concerned about possible false knock sensor readings. 07 Versa SL 6 speed MR20DE Swap, port and polish, K03 turbo @ 10PSI, Work Rezax 17x8/17x9, Full wire tuck HaSport 62a Rear Motor Mount (Engine is solid, no longer jerks the car, smoother shifting, connected sporty feeling) Using injected stock mounts with 3M Window-Weld is good as well but I didn't really want to mess with that and the downtime. i got solid mounts (window weld) and there is some rattle, but once u find the rattes and tighen them up, its no big deal. The front one fits without any modification and the rear is slightly different and does not fit unless you are willing to modify the inserts or use 3M window weld to fill in a custom one. Topic March 30, 2012 at … yes i mos def gotta do this to my front motor mount cuz mine looks just like his shhiftin in 2nd gear sucks makes me look like i cant drive 5spd Comment. must specify!! Upper & Lower Pair is $300 SHIPPED within upper 48. It worked great but you will need the Suction Cups for Convertible Glass Repair to keep tension on the glass and top while it cures. Inspect the bracket welds very closely. Didn't notice much additional vibration, but the shifts firmed up a little. worked pretty damn well on crappy mounts 3M window weld. 2. But when I bolted in the pads and motor mount plates to check it out, I found myself a bit confounded by this fitment. I read about using window weld type material to fill the motor mounts her in 2004. This is NOT needed with poly inserts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 16, 2001 In this video I make an attempt at making some cheap polyurethane motor mounts for the Honda. Feb 08, 2010 #7. It has a 55-60 shore which is a decent upgrade/fix from stock. But the window weld fill technique does seem to give a good stiffness level without resorting to poly or solid mounts. Granted, I'd have to park the van for a few days while it cured, and I'd have to be careful about taping off the sides of the mounts to ensure the polyurethane didn't leak out, but I'm halfway tempted to give this a shot instead of installing new ones. they do have the older gen mounts which i think are similar, but i can't remember. I don't notice any difference when driving. Preloader The M32 Martyr. I found this beautiful creative bullshit when I took off my driver's motor mount: A replacement mount is $40 from Prothane but a tube of Window-Weld is $20 and I can eventually fill the rest of my mounts with it. I would now question the motives or skill of the mechanic. The mount i filled my old mounts with window weld. I'm in need of Engine Mounts (I can see the driver's side is broken). This topic contains 7 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by hbvx 9 years, 8 months ago. Step 2: Seal up openings in mount, I used a few blank CD’s I had laying around the house. you need two of them flat side to flat side and push them into the dog bone. One thing that I notice is that the vibrations with the RMM are harsher if I'm on an incline or decline. 6,247 Posts. I chose 3M window weld as it was the poly urethane of choice. Even the solid rubber mount option was a little soft. Squeezed my motor mount full of window-weld just a few months ago and really like the difference it made. $56. When you first pour the urethane into the mounts it will have a very liquid consistency. and NO don't drive you car without the motor mounts in. But changing motor mounts annually is worse. I followed the directions and left the motor mount bolts a little loose and used nyloc nuts so they won't come loose. either this week or next week when i put in my oil cooler i'm gong to take out the front mount where the motor connects to the frame. Will it help with wheel hop if I just do the driver side and http://www. It would probably be cheaper. I can say firsthand that 034 is garbage IMO. That black 3m window stuff is what most people have used without problems. People who didn't do one of the two said the motor rocks quite a bit and since it's already a tight fit they had rubbing issues. Stiff engine mount are used to minimise engine movement especially if you have high torque setup . 3. and dirt cheap of course (my middle name). inserts don't fix the problem. Go buy some window weld cheap fix and you only need to do the one that's screwed up. 0 average based on 1 product rating. But my @!#$ runs. I also suggest masking the edge of the top around the window. just make sure you let it fully cure before installing them so it doesn't explode like a jelly donut. Once drag racer of a Hyundai Elantra on the Jafromobile YouTube channel uses 80 shore strength, but seeing as how I can't find that and he has literally 4 times the OE Solid filled motor mounts. OEM for 3 cyl Metro. After the front 2 mounts were replaced, I had a lot of vertical shake between idle and 2000 RPM. i know this because my 91 sl1 also needs mounts and the only place i have been able to find any are at saturnparts. I also used the 3M Window Weld to repair my wife's VW cabriolet. totally shot mounts (torn) should be replaced or repaired by using the window-weld trick. SBF WINDSOR – $165. While I could order a new one from Toyota, I decided to try a cheap trick used in the hotrod world to stiffen motor mounts -- filling the mount with urethane. on tight turns or heavy braking. . > Use Flexane (vary in gradings) @ ~$170 a half litre tub $340/litre Ouch! 3M Window Weld (air cure, caulk tube type stuff) seems to be the hot ticket in the states from the internet forums. C. I know the Audi guys have used it for filling voids in tranny mounts for a while, and I've also read about some people using 3M WW to bandaid cracked CA bushings, all with good results. Ford Focus motor mounts broke twice. That stock mount looks like a perfect canidate for 3M Window Weld. Perhaps there was another noise of clunking that was described as "motor mount" failures. Y. , Ford and Lincoln, 28 replies all right, GPS mounts, 3M Window Weld. The OEM mount went bad in about 6 years and 70,000 miles. Feb 8, 2016 - Explore Dave 5er's board "Solid Motor Mounts" on Pinterest. of people fixing the transmission engine mount with the 3m Window Weld. Becasue of price, these are great. There are other ways to properly make poly mounts, but to do two mounts, it is nearly same cost as buying inserts like this. they re-inforce the existing rubber and alleviate a lot of the flex. Two options available: AWD & FWD. - Your not-so-local, untrained, uncertified, backyard mechanic. I told some of the 3SX guys I did this mod and this and they laughed and wished me good luck because that a lot of the engine mount cores they get have window weld stuck to them. Chassis Engineering is a premier manufacturer of suspension, driveline, and chassis parts and systems designed to meet the needs of hot rodders, drag racers, and performance enthusiasts. Motor Mounts and Inserts, Street Rod, Complete Mount Style, Weld-in, Steel, Natural, Black Urethane Bushing, Chevy, Small Block, Big Block, Pair Part Number: HLI-599 ( 3 ) The 3M window weld doesn't last a year, its not worth the effort, If your stock mounts are in good shape some people have had luck with it but it trends to come loose. Just bolt on the new mounts! sti mounts grp n wrx/sti/96L window weld in the voids of the mounts Cheap solution for the mean time fill the upper mounts with window weld it makes it like a solid mount 2003 Impala LS 3800, Modified stock air box, rear stb, DIY hardware shift kit, flipped motor mounts, and 55w hids in projector headlights. when you install mount inserts/fill up the gaps in the mounts with some kind of urethane filling, the mounts do not absorb the vibration anymore because the mount is now I personally used it on a motor mount for my old Mazda which is still in the family. The stuff we used always read 85 and up on the durometer so it made everything squeak, and rattle and just altogether wasn't wife/girlfriend friendly. It has a 10 to 20 minute work time, so it cures fast. no. very easy mod and cheap! and i was gunna do the rear mount just because, but i couldnt get it un bolted Engine mounts: 11220-RS540 and 11210-RS540, Transmission Mount: 11320-RS541. 2019 Sport 2. Make sure the rear tires are also properly lined up. Free shipping Free shipping. Tags motor mounts. Cheap and easy. Only show this user. This is very close to what you should expect, but be aware that the motor I have on the stand is the one out of the 380SL not the 617. com/MonkeyWrenchPerformance 3M Window Weld motor mounts. ) yo! 00 ej6 with lowering springs, integra … This DIY is how to use the liquid urethane called Flexane 94A. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. its … Okay, I tried to replace my lower driver side motor mount on my 96 dx hatchback, but the welds to the nuts inside of the frame snapped. I have a pair of OEM STi engine mounts that I added window weld (hard urethane compound) to. A flat edge to smooth out urethane, not so much with this particular mount. That being said, if you do replace them and plan to keep the truck i would buy a tube of 3M window weld and fill all the voids in the replacement mounts with it. Perfect for replacing with stiffer material (3M polyurethane or Window Weld or your preferred DIY polyurethane) or as a core for ScienceofSpeed's Sport Engine Mount program. Here's the motor mount. works like a charm Modified by Wc240 at 6:23 PM 3/23/2010 I have thought of buying a new stock mount, and filling the void with window weld, or buying a Creative steel mount. Or just get some mounts, fill it with window weld. it the sway bar bushings are available at your local autozone etc. That being said, most poly is stiffer the first few months and will eventually settle in and be The new Anchor mounts did nothing as far as performance compared to my old OEM mounts with 120k miles (Keep in mind, I had no symptoms of bad mounts such as vibration, rattling or crashes). also, when u do this, you NEED to let it cure for almost a full day. I'm filling these Ancor mounts with Window Weld to fill the voids. Motor mounts are new stock mounts with about 3000 miles on them; dealer installed. So please dont take any offense to the last post. 2011-2017 Nissan Juke motor mounts made of precision machined solid billet aluminum and Energy Suspension bushings! Upper mounts are $160 SHIPPED within upper 48. jb weld motor mounts 07-04-2009, 06:56 PM I think im going to fill my extra front torque mount with jb weld to see how much of a difference i will feel, i currently have my front mount filled with window weld 3m stuff works wonders thatnks to a member on here the diy was great and successful do you guys think it will be the same as McMasters OK. Prepping new mount and 3m poly fill tube. I did the window weld but if I had to do it over again, I'd go with the Perrin insert because it's cleaner and quicker for about the same cost. I've heard that 3M window weld is a 65 durometer once cured and the PL stuff i got is much harder, about a 75. It goes away after about 30 min of driving. but i just taped off the stock mounts and filled em in. Materials: - 3M Window Weld Urethane (Autozone) - Caulking gun - Carb and Throttle Body Cleaner 3M Window Weld Motor Mounts: My motor mounts were not in good shape and I was not about to try to put hockey pucks in so I did the next best thing. Since the motors are "adapter" style ones and utilize the factor L15 motor mounts you have two options, you can get aftermarket stock Fit mounts or put window weld in to stiffen the stock ones up. Back in the dsm days i did a thing with window … 3M Window-Weld Super Fast Urethane is, without a doubt, the best DIY windshield adhesive on the market. Forums. Old and torn mounts cause motor to sag and slop around. Mar 9, 2011. The question is now which mount or mounts were replaced. 2010-02-08T04:58. 3M Window Weld is a sealant that is designed to not harden. $45. 1947-1998 Chevy Truck. Automotive item I believe. Engine Mount Rear Anchor 8456. also, you might want to look into some window weld for a cheap alternative to inserts. I know I can grind off the bold that they're attatched to, but how do I bolt up the new mount? I would fill it with window weld. Chevy V-8 poly urethane motor mounts are available for all early short and wide Chevy V-8 engine applications. Engine mounts: 11220-RS540 and 11210-RS540, Transmission Mount: 11320-RS541. if you are that hard up, go to a junkyard and get old ones for a few bucks and do the window We always filled our mounts with regular poly you can get online from Halloween masking suppliers or anything of the like. Posted February 25, 2005. A very common off-label use for it is to fill the voids in rubber engine mounts to make them much stronger without crossing the line into a mount that is too stiff for the street. 4,494 Posts. NEW REBUILT MOTOR!!! Engine and Transmission K&N Air Filter New Oil Seperator 996 107 023 04 Semi solid engine Mount Semi solid transmission Mount AASE Lightweight Aluminum Flywheel Sachs sport Clutch Kit New throw out bearing Under Drive Pulley Spark Plug Set 999 170 201 90 AC delete Muli-rib Belt 996 102 151 66 Custom Grand Am style radiators As enthusiasts and racers, PROTHANE™ takes great pride in being the first to bring you better polyurethane bushings, transmission and motor mounts to enhance the performance of your vehicle. 10. But my car felt so much "better" after I reverted to stock mounts. Their reasoning for using Urethane is much different than what Honda used to design the rear motor mount for the Insight. Never gets raced. BTW, 3M Window Weld works wonders if you are on a budget. I know 3m Window Weld is pretty common to stiffen up motor mounts. It takes some work, and some simple directions to follow, but it seems to be about as stiff as a solid motor mount. Post. Aluminum casing has no cracks. build some solid ones, fabrication is … I'm in need of a new tranny mount so i figured i'd replace them all and was lookin at some Menu. My car is going on 63k miles is my DD for most part and sits on X74 suspension. Ford. The problem is when it idles EVERYTHING rattles, dash, mirrors yeah that. Great I have finally mustered up the courage to do the motor mounts. Reply. Where did you buy the mount and how much did it cost? Inquiring minds The locally available motor mounts have good welds at the moment, but the rubber is poor and I expect failure like before so I want to window weld them with 60 shore strength. It's simply overkill unless you are building a car strictly for the track. Fill in all the voids with Window Weld (a gooey mess that sets-up to a urethane-type solid) and re-install your mounts. My solution was to put 1G Prothane bushings in the front and back mounts of my 2G and OEM on the driver and passenger sides. it's basically urethane in a tube hahaha If the passenger side motor mount is indeed hydraulic, i wonder if you could cut it out and inject the hollow area with poly. Yes, it does work. I have a 2003 Eclipse 2. If you search "window weld motor mounts" on YouTube there are a ton of videos of people filling the spaces in the mounts with window weld. 12. WINDO-WELD RIBBON quantity. There are plates mounted to the block which the motor mounts attach to. I am suspecting the right side (pass) mount as the culprit as this mount has a different PN from Suzuki for 3 cyl vs. Description. Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 12, 2009 (Edited) Only show this user. This thread is specifically about the ; Turbo Tech upper and lower motor mounts. The rubber cement made a good leak free I've got both 62A mounts, and my car shudders like hell sitting at idle with AC on. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. Joined: Feb 10, 2009 Member: #13485 Messages: 2,893 Gender: Male … Offered for sale is a used (cracked rubber) left hand engine/transmission mount, part number 50805-SL0-010, in its original packaging. I'm replacing all my rubber motor mounts and planning on filling in the large gaps with this stuff. so it was a brand new mount and i just left the rubber inside and filled the holes with the poly. mQubed 43/56 turbo The vibrations in mellephants's car with the 80A is a bit much for me so I wanted to try the 60A. If there aren't questions, specific data or direct experience to share about them, please take other discussions elsewhere. SKU: MMM-08611 Category: Auto Glass Items Brand: 3M. Basically making these act a lot more like stiffer mounts, but maintaining most of the … This weld in motor mount makes it easy to install a Chevy V-8 engine in your Classic Car or truck. Dec 6, 2009 I made a grommet for the antennae, reinforced the hollow areas of my motor mounts, glued some flaps, patched a few holes and small tears in the top, glued the padding back on the door panels, and the rear window. Jan 18, 2019 #33 mysteed Well-Known Member. I have looked at putting in new Prothane motor mounts, but … New honda motorcycles for new honda motorcycles for new honda motorcycles for inventory showroom honda town I use 3M window weld (curable liquid polyurethane) to fill my engine and transmission mounts on all my vehicles. You have probably also heard about how hard those products are and that they are not daily driver friendly and some people even remove them because they say the vibration and noise just isn't worth it. In order to do this, you’ll need to completely seal off one side of the mounts. 15. I bought a new one from the dealer and did the 3M window weld thing. I let it dry and drove it. killed like all my wheel hop! i burn out like a pro now . Or Perrin insert for about the same cost. By design its just soft and not solid at all. 5 fl oz Cartridge 08609 at Advance Auto Parts. Orignial Front and back motor mounts. I have the 2. Tighten the 19mm and 17mm bolt sets on the motor mount housings. 4. Established Member. That said, I think an insert would probably be a more cost effective solution than an entire replacement mount. Reactions: Jeffman. If you install the Anchor mounts add one or two wide washers at the bottom of the mount to shim to the same height as the originals (more info in the email keepers). Just manually dig the urethane out of the mount. 6L, 5. 3 oem mounts are fine. The motor mounts on these Insights are more complicated than appears on a casual glance. if you feel/hear a slight clunk or jerk of the engine when shifting from Park-Neutral-Reverse-etc then that's a sign of a torn bushing in the dogbone mount (~$30part easy DIY in minutes). such as the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (see bottom of page). If anyone wants a write up on how I did it Ill do it. Re: Making Rubber Bushings? Brad William / wsemajb. First I bought an extra set of motor mounts form Bernardi Parts. All 4 motor mounts are torn (actually the 2nd time this is happened). We always filled our mounts with regular poly you can get online from Halloween masking suppliers or anything of the like. I am currently using Hasport from US and when my wife seats in the car she told me she is seating in a FARM tractor. We also used the PL product, never window weld. Check out this video: DIY: Polyurethane Motor Mounts I would suggest using duct tape, painters tape is not that strong. I found it very useful to use rubber cement to bond them to the casing of the mount. Dealer thinks I'm crazy, but I hear it clear as day (microphones won't pick the noise up easily thanks to my exhaust) and it's getting louder and louder. I wish I had done that with the Uro mounts I installed, though they are fine so far (1. 99 US. Prothane Polyurethane Motor Mount Insert Kit, Race. Figuring I really dont have anything to lose I decided to fill the cavity's with 3M's Window Weld. Add to cart. i got it from the zone for $11. … fill and cure them with windshield sealing urethane. Joined Jan 5, 2000 · 3,047 Posts . The effect is similar to poly inserts. 2000 Acura Integra Type R Phoenix Yellow ~136,000 I have owned this car since 34,000 miles. I highly recommend the electric caulking gun, doing it manually is a royal PITA. Putting it in the oven will harden the outer shell but it won't fully cure. Scott’s Hotrods motor mounts are can be for stock or custom fit on any car utilizing any motor combination. As you can see, the mounts look identical. You have to cut the bottom bladder and remove all of the fluid. 2l s10s but i know that instead of those some people take there honda civic motor mounts and fill them with 3m black silicone/ window weld or something and make them solid. Soo i have been getting the notorious clunk noise that started only happening during cold, not it happens longer and longer into the drive. drimportracing Pizza driver: 61,000+ deliveries. It took me longer to get the the car jacked up and on stands, unroll my air hose, and find my impact gun than it did to replace the mount itself. For those who want a more factory smooth feel, just drill 3 holes into it Shop performance parts online at JEGS High Performance Parts. But the OEM mount didn't last long, so the aftermarket stuff can't be that bad, and I've successfully used this brand in the past. 0 sees lots of abuse so I bought 3m window weld (1tube) and filled these up making them almost solid. The torque mounts help to reduce movement from torque as their name would suggest. I've seen a lot of people using this and other urethane caulk to make stiffer motor and suspension mounts/bushings. 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. 3,270 37 Aug 20, 2008 Indianapolis, Indiana. I have looked at putting in new Prothane motor mounts, but … Also, filled the motor mounts with 3m window weld. Plus you have to cut away as much rubber as possible (but leave enough to hold the center insert) or build a rig to keep it centered, then have to wait USD $114. Ive ran my dohc zc on 3 oem mounts, even recorded a video during WOT pulls and the engine is solid and not rocking. buy window weld (or what ever you guys call the windshield adhesive) pull motor mounts clean rubbber fill all gaps with window weld. Proven Member. I bought an extended flex head 15mm watching wrench. 0L & 5. You aren't supposed to use a poly trans mount with stock motor mounts. While the body and Hello, unfortunatly a 91 sl1 does not have the same motor mounts as a 92-02 sl1 does. Never had any issues with any of them! In high power cars with sticky tires, that may cause some wheelhop. 03 Golf 2dr- PD150 6m. but then the mount is nice and solid ive got about 25000 miles and 15 race weekends on them without a There is a trick guys do where they remove the factory mount and fill the voids with something called "window weld" it's the epoxy that's used to bond windshields to vehicles. 5:1 , garrett t3/t4 57 trim coming soon, head and block still at machinist, rods coming in soon (screw you ups) Shop performance parts online at JEGS High Performance Parts. All Motor / Drivetrain Solid Motor Mounts Im just going to get a $20 tube of polyurethane Window-Weld and fill my stock mounts when the motor comes out later this month. From what I understand, everyone fills their motor mounts to the maximum with Urethane. if the dogbone bushing is torn then another engine mount is also suspect (most likely the front engine mount visible under The V6 is out, the V8 is almost ready to test fit, just need to weld the oil pan together (cut the sump/base from the 4. I also saw that you can apparently inject window 3M window weld and let it cure in place to make your own poly mounts but not sure if it would be possible to drain the OEM hydraulic motor mount fluid and fill the void without uninstalling them first. Sure, its rough. Liquid polyurethane will do the job and is cheap. I'm going to replace my front LCA's so I thought this would be the best time to do it. Window Weld is a one-part urethane with high adhesion and excellent mechanical toughness. Replacing the motor mounts with new mounts is a potential fix to Fifth Gear Pop Out, provides crisper shifts, This is much stiffer (rated Shore 90 to 95A) and probably more durable than window weld. After fill up the gaps on the motor mounts and let it dry for OK. GreenTeggy My name is Ben. You have probably also heard about how hard those products are and that they are not daily driver friendly and some people even remove them because they say the 3m window weld is available at most auto parts stores. H22WAGON93 3M window weld is great. It is a pourable urethane that hardens to a shore hardness of 94A, which is harder then window weld but softer then nylon. Weak torque mounts will lead to excessive engine movement. Over to Illinois and back to West Virginia. For reference, I've previously installed an already broken in TurboTech Racing motor mount (approx ~1000 miles on it). Free shipping. I haven't inspected the other two mounts so I can't comment on those yet. $87. This is a DD. Ive seen expensive kits for bushings, but im a cheap ass so im going to try something. #970-6A. An old mount with cracks, that is torn, worn or soft, 3M Windo-Weld, part #08609. 0t 10at 2014 Sport 6-speed some of the best suff ive found is called window weld from 3m i believe. The amount of void space in the driver side motor mount is a joke. I am replacing it with an aftermarket Anchor branded mount. Joined: Feb 10, 2009 Member: #13485 Messages: 2,893 Gender: Male … this is a side by side comparison of the 2. Indeed the vibration can be felt as if you When I pulled the mount out, it actually looked like there was nothing wrong with it. 8 and v8 mount, when the v8 mount is centered/new you can probably buy some poly window weld from 3M and inject some on the sides of the rubber mount so that it fills in the gap, just like the poly inserts do, it will be a lot cheaper, I would have done this if the mounts I got were new Ill be keeping an eye on your threads to see if the excessive lowering mounts and some shims will be suffice. 3SX has a good video exemplifying this here. Creator. Joined Sep 24, 2008. ~$20 total. The filled mount was way too stiff; even stiffer than the CFM adjustable mount with 5 pins inserted that I have been running for the past 6 years. The 3M will not clean off once it is on the fabric. I will be filling them with window weld when I go boost though The other was decent. OEM STi engine mounts with window weld. With all 4 mounts it's soild, exactly what you want, no wheel hop, no motor or trans jerking around . HOWTO: Make Urethane Motor Mounts. My brother's car with full poly motor mounts is way smoother than mine. I've tried finding 3M window weld at Home Depot and Canadian Tire but no luck. Window Weld is much like black RTV, it is used as a sealant on windshields and is designed to never harden. In high power cars with sticky tires, that may cause some wheelhop. twenty five bucks if you have to buy everything new. Solid Motor mounts S-Series Mods. Position the motor mounts and housings and maneuver the cross member into the lower motor mount bolts. 72. Ben · www. BSH Lower motor mount with DIY 89A urethane bushing. 3M Windo Weld (part #08609) or 3M High Viscosity Urethane (part #08689). I decided to try a trick that pretty much every Nissan guy out there has tired: Do it your self poly urethane motor mounts. 3 engine, and from the instructions, it looks like the install is much simpler than the install on a V6. also from talking to other people i think the front mount has been discontinued. 3. I have a built stroker and have the full bracket brown dog motor mounts with the rubber inserts. I am going to see if I can get some at a store nearby. 88. all the window weld in the world cannot fix the 'ek' driverside mount I'm all about the d's (. facebook. once cured it's around 55-60 duro. Jul 02, 2019 12:55PM. NGK 1422 Spark plugs. $64. Feel free to sign up and ask a question about this article at the forums here: The front motor mount is held in place by 1 bolts and the weight of the engine on the mount. place doesn't make the rear mount specifically for the 6gen. P. did my torque mounts today, except i used duct tape one the flat side to seal it off and then just loaded it with window weld. Less vibrations than window weld filled front and rear mounts. Oct 25, 2016 965 882 0 New York www. Got it from Seoulful Racing. Both minimize additional NVH and reduce wheel hop. It seemed a little quieter too. I replaced the dogbone with an ECS, too much vibration. I've always liked the Vigors older brother the 2nd Gen Legends. The new k-spec mounts appear to be solid polyeurathane. This is a V8 motor mount conversion to use modern Chevy LS1, LS6 or Vortec engines (4. #3. We do this to our dirt cars or else well bust a mount during a race works awsome i … I filled the grease gun with window weld (urethane) and basically injected the inside of the hollow bushing with it until the rtv came out of the seams and 1 small hole I poked into the lower section of the bushing. In terms of the job itself, it looks straight forward. 336 Posts. I used a $30 Tube of 3M WINDO-WELD 08609 Urethane Caulking Adhesive on the OEM mounts to see what will happen. It sees a lot of stress and anything much softer wouldn't have the performance upside that the 70 has. This past summer I went out and bought an E46-generation BMW M3 with an astounding 284,000 miles on the odometer. The parts were $342 just for the two mounts ( motor mounts at the right side and transmission). To me it seems like a happy medium. For those who use this on motor mount repair, keep in mind that filling the entire mount will cause alot of vibration felt in the car due to its harsh stiffness but it will soften up a bit after a month or so. Its a fast setting urethane and will significantly stiffen the mounts and they'll last longer. Leave your hood open, apply engine load, and observe. steveo27, Sep 29, 2021 #6. " That Nissan buddy was me! If it ends up being too stiff, this is a reversible procedure. Joined Mar 16, 2005 Messages 3,289 Location Adairsville, Ga. It's bushing is oil filled and it is so soft that I can flex it by hand. 1 - I got some extra mounts from the local wrecking yard. The factory mounts are overly squishy and no one makes aftermarket upgraded mounts. I have no idea of the cure time, nor the reliability of this. I'd appreciate your thoughts if you have them. I understand these can break very easy because they are cheap. 6 valve springs Stock pistons (10:1) Completely cleaned inside and out, rebuilt using all Volvo OE gaskets and seals Original rings (gaps checked) Bores deglazed with a ball hone New Glyco main bearings and rod bearings Lapped valve seats Capped -4AN oil feed fitting SEAM SEALER, SELF LEVELING, 7 OUNCE CARTRIDGE. As long as it's not broken and it's just sloppy, then it will rebuild them stiffer than factory. Who has done a transmission mount replacement? What brand of mount did you use if it wasn't from the dealer? How has the replacement been holding up? I believe I heard that the "Anchor" brand was a POS at Dan's last meet. Glass shops were now responsible for replacing glass to meet OEM specifications. Home. Coupe Well-Known Member. Joined Jun 17, 2013 Location Capac, MI TDI 2010 Jetta TDI Aug 24, 2017 #10 I have to ask is the tensioner that is installed broken? it doesn't have the shock. DIY Homemade Polyurethane Engine Mounts. 3M Window-Weld Round Ribbon Sealer 5/16 in x 15 ft Kit. The rear roll stop is a complete replacement and the front is an insert. Save on Window-Weld Super Fast Urethane, Black, 10. I don't have a pic of the motor mount off hand, but I can take one when I get home. It's a pretty common thing for diy guys to do that track their cars, it's a lot more solid than a stock rubber mount. dont want to go back there in this or any other lifetime. Pink Well-known member. lots of guys on youtube using it. Ive also heard that the rear engine mount makes even a bigger difference, which that one looks like it a little harded to get to along with harder to take off but ill prob do it this weekend. It's very stiff and lasts a long time. Yes, I know I'm a bad person for buying an aftermarket mount. I am alm Window weld is quite soft too, though more rigid then stock rubber. I only used one tube but it was barely enough so i would suggest getting the two that it says in the The motor mount on my 2010 Honda Civic Coupe is on its way out. I spend all morning and part of the evening in Baltimore city traffic, so BWoody solid mounts are out. I bought all three mounts and the dogbone was hammered in less than 2 years of use. Here's my take on it, and a solution to this problem. It takes about 24 hours to set up so plan accordingly. Without AC, it's like stock. 3M has provided products to the automotive industry for glass installation the past 40 years: • In 1972, 3M reacted to new Anybody know of a local source for two pack polyurethane. It made it MUCH stiffer and had more vibration travel through it, but it still holds. Check if this part fits your vehicle. If it makes a big difference, I'll sell my Hapsort RMM. Will the window weld withhold the heat in teh engine bay? Thanks a lot -Kappu i used something similar to flexane made by 3M. Re: needs solid mounts!! Saturday, December 05, 2009 8:49 PM. I am looking at doing motor mounts in next few months what would you guys suggest? 1. i did that to my dog bone mount last year if not longer. Thus im pretty sure its the control arm bushings. Save Share. However, I found a shop that has 40/30 which he would I decided to try injecting 3M Window Weld into some Si motor mounts similar to how Blueroadster did and following his diy. Yesterday I decided to tackle my rear mount. I didnt want to use poly motor mounts due to the vibrations. What other options do we 1983-1997 for Ford F-150, F-250, F-350 6. The motor mount inserts are made by pouring a liquid urethane into the voids of the mounts and allowing it to dry. The motor mount and motor mount bracket in the following photo goes by a lot of names. Click to expand That's good to hear, how about the cabin noise? '02 RSX-S … Window Weld. 3L or 6. S14 Motor Mounts MR-7002 Nissan 240SX 95-98 S14 Engine Mounts Model Number : MR-7002 Motor doesnt move much at all and they are cheaper than the others. I installed the complete kit. (i am not a big fan of the window weld stuff ) so here is what i am thinking and might lead to some other good ideas ( so post up if you have one ) my motor mounts are set, i Or you could go old school and fill the voids with 3M Window-Weld. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 28, 2012. The Honda part is over $200 plus shipping. Platinum Vendor. Filling the gaps with windshield weld stops that. I've been reading about the cheap-o window weld motor mount fix people do and I have two questions. I rang around and some places said that some black silastic they sell (sounds just like windowweld, has urethane in it too) will do the same thing, i was wondering if it would work the same n all. I decided to try a trick that learned from a few Nissan guys that I knew. And yes, there is a huge benefit. if the surface isnt perfectly clean, the window weld wont stick, and your mount will fail. Add Window … 7000 MacFarlane Blvd Map Charlotte,NC 28262 Sales: 704-331-0900 Toll-Free: 800-368-6451 Fax: 704-335-8866 Custom engine mounts that bolt in to a 240 H-beam rods with ARP bolts Ford 4. 288 Posts. The easiest way to see if your motor is excessively rockin' around is to do exactly that. Sets Engine Back 1". Get the proper goopy crap in a tube, remove your entire motor mount including the metal ring that holds the mount. 3M Window Weld on stock RMM if you can stand 48 hours of cure time. ACDelco 46G0114A Advantage Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar Link Kit with Hardware. This is a One-part urethane adhesive that requires no mixing, so everything you need is ready to go. Order high performance parts & accessories at JEGS High Performance Parts today. Here you go - this is a 617 motor mount shown unloaded and loaded. $42. The PL s30 is softer than 3m window weld (also commonly used to fill mounts but very stiff) so the vibrations are minimal. I filled my tranny mount with the 3m window weld though. My 6. Or fill it with Window weld etc. It's a 2010 LX (non-VCM) with 198k miles. The car's VERY jerky b/c of the engine movement. If you want a fix for now, you maybe able to inject window weld #08609 super fast urethane if there are spaces in the mount, can't remember what they look like off the top of my head. Engine, Exhaust, Bolt-Ons: 25: 10-07-2021 07:25 PM: Phone Mounts: tekFRS234: Cosmetic Modification (Interior/Exterior/Lighting) 159: 06-01-2020 11:34 AM: Window weld motor mounts (poor man's solid mounts) unsurety: Engine, Exhaust, Transmission: 8: 06-05-2014 03:36 AM: Let's talk … The rear mount for my differential has started to fail, with most of the rubber detached from the metal housing. The engine mount was fluid-filled; I had ordered and swapped in a "solid rubber option" mount, but it, too allowed too much movement. i had bought new mounts before i new anything about filling them with polyurethane. #2 · Mar 21, 2012. Thanx for the info you last 2 but if you would have clicked on the links we found you would have seen we … on the new mounts I used a 3m window urathane sealant in the grooves of the engine mount. Two years later, the replacement mount is still fine, and the repaired OEM is waiting in my garage to be fitted Best Motor mounts. allow to dry for 48 hrs re-install BOOM motor mounts all fixed. its called "window weld" made by 3m That's just 3M's version of it, there are many manufacturers that make window urethane. If not, I'll ask the moderators to remove the posts. GT3RS 2. Added February 13th, 2010 . It worked pretty well as long as you wait the correct time for I filled an old hydraulic mount with old bolts, etc. More Details. I did a window weld passenger side mount a long time ago. just have to jack up the engine. 1. motorists. These are heavy-duty TIG-welded mounts that come with a guarantee not to break under stress. i've used 3m window weld to repair/beef up car engine motor mounts. One thing I plan to do is fill my stock rear motor mount with window weld, and reinstall it. Do-it-yourself poly urethane engine mounts. Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive, high bonding strength, 13. The rear motor mount has more of a jolty/jumpy feel to it. I ordered my motor mounts through Zach. Tough to do on a high hp fwd with a clutch. At $23 shipped it is cheaper than just about any insert or new mount by a far margin. 0 users rated this 3 out of 5 stars 0. Sep 30, 2021 at 5:09 AM #7 #7. org. We have all heard of using 3M Window Weld in our engine mounts, and Energy Suspensions motor mount inserts. Anything suspension or driveline related out of alignment ever so little doesn't help. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. In addition to this it needs to be clean so I submerged the mount in detergent for a few days and had to have it spotless otherwise the window weld will detach if they are not done right. do it in two steps and dry for 24 hours (not too thick so it stays rubbery in the center) you can do it for 1/100th of a roll of duct tape + 1 caulk gun + 1 urethane caulk. Home › Forums › Stay Dirty Lounge › Service and Repair Questions Answered Here › Rear engine/motor mount or what? Civic. Thread starter habitatguy187; Start date Jan 2, 2009; Jan 2, 2009 #1 habitatguy187. Mr. I've already let it cure and installed it. Don't fill the whole mount. That is to prevent it from fully collapsing in the future. I'm going to be getting new poly mounts too for the top and trans bushing. The correct way is to buy a liquid polyurithane that will cure and you will have a window welded poly mount. View all applications. Loving this build - makes me want to do one as well. I would love to use the duramix 40/40 that skunk2 used in their video, however it is discontinued and impossible to find locally. And I broke 3 axles in 3 events, before I got the rally spec axles, the problem isn't the axle itself, it's the low quality CV joints that blow apart, and the OEM ones might last one event, if your The tube was ~$13 IIRC, and I thought even if it doesn't make a noticable difference, it's worth a shot. A pain in the ass, but very inexpensive and seems to work just fine. window weld motor mounts